Top Party Tips

  1. Choose a venue that is the right size for your party. The number of guests needs to be taken into consideration. A venue which is too big can take away the party atmosphere. A venue which is too small can leave limited space for dancing and party games. The DARKER the room the better. This enhances the disco lighting experience.
  2. Why not reduce the cost of the party by making it a joint event with a friend who has a birthday near to that of your child.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to set up the party. Arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes before the party starts. Tables and chairs will need arranging and room decorations and food can take longer than you think. Remember the DJ will also need early access to set up the disco equipment.
  4. Hang balloons or banners outside the party venue so everyone will know where the party is.
  5. Remember to check you have enough battery power on your camera and space on your memory card before leaving the house if you are taking photos or filming the party.
  6. Most children are more willing to join in party games and enjoy themselves when there are less parents attending. If possible, limit the amount of adults staying at the disco to family and close friends.
  7. Putting out too many chairs around the venue (excluding food table) encourages the children to sit down during the entertainment. Aim to put out enough chairs for the parents and only a few for children attending.
  8. Leaving balloons lying around the dance floor will result in children running wild, playing football and hitting each other with them. It is better to attach balloons to the wall and then give them to the children at the end of the party.
  9. Putting name stickers on the children as they arrive allows the KidsDJ to get to know the children better. This makes the party more fun and personal.
  10. Attach guest’s birthday cards to presents to ensure you know who to thank for what after the party.
  11. Making note of parent’s mobile numbers means you can get in touch if their child becomes upset at missing them or in the event of an emergency.
  12. Feeding children in the middle of the party as opposed to afterwards gives the children a big boost of energy for the second half of the disco.
  13. Attach a helium balloon to the birthday child’s chair and seat them in the middle of the table. This is a great way to make him or her feel special at food time!
  14. Bringing out the birthday cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday child after the party food means you have plenty of time to cut and wrap the cake before the end of the party, ready to pop into party bags.
  15. If you’re having a bouncy castle in addition to Kids DJ, wait until after the disco to inflate it. Inflating a castle during the disco distracts the children away from the disco and games.
  16. If you are planning on giving out party bags let the DJ know so that he can inform the children, so nobody goes home empty handed.