DBS (CRB) Checks

Occasionally clients ask us at Kids DJ about DBS checks (CRB as previously known) and if our Kids DJ entertainers are covered.

The process and criteria of obtaining a DBS check is set out in law and only those professions / people meeting the strict criteria of working “Unsupervised” or “Regularly” with the same group of children require the check. This definition of “Regularly” is once a week or more, or 4 or more days in a 30 day period.

Children’s entertainers / DJ’s do not meet this new criteria and therefore do not require the DBS check. It is in fact unlawful to be told they must provide one.

Whilst parents may feel reassured that everyone has a criminal record check, the government’s child care experts have deemed that over-checking is probably more harmful, so these kinds of checks have been scaled back for some time now.

We do hope this clarifies the position.