Alkrington Community Centre

Alkrington Community Centre is one of the best party venues in Middleton. The centre is perfect if you are holding a kids birthday party or other special event.

The room is a great size, parking is excellent and kitchen facilities are modern.

Kids DJ host children’s birthday party discos at Alkrington Community Centre. We also do christenings, communions, teenage parties and school discos.

A Kids DJ party is a superb occasion that all the kids will love. We play music and games with the children and give them an experience to remember.

Your party will be hosted by a professional Kids DJ who will entertain the kids with a great mix of music, party games and dance routines.

FACEBOOK is great place to check out photos, videos and see client testimonials about Kids DJ parties.

Alkrington Community Centre, Hardfield Road, Middleton. M24 1PQ


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